Permanent Recruitments

Creating the market where the demand meets the supply of talent pool and efficiently closing the employment contract. Matching this demand and supply includes a series of processes like sourcing, scheduling, interviewing, testing, robust reference checking; and most importantly continuous improvement techniques supported with strong technology platforms to ensure a predictable guaranteed closure of workforce.


We offer complete solutions where job seekers are mapped to the job requirement using comprehensive profiling techniques. Each profiling is done as per the requirement of the employer with regard to managerial, technical, logical & analytical, communicative, decision making and motivational factors required for job.


Our Core Values are :
Client Partner Relations : We are the extended arm of the client organization. We strongly believe and act as the knowledge sharing platform with clients for providing decisive and dedicated support.
Integrity : Transparent communication representing our clients to candidates and our candidates to clients.

Confidentiality : Belief is that any client information is respected with highest regards within the service delivery team.
Commitment : Committed to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients.
Using a multi pronged approach has helped us establish deep relationships into our key Focus Verticals with focussed teams who understand the unique nuances to the industries within these verticals.

• Banking, Finance, Insurance (BFSI)
• Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharma, Oil & Gas (EMPI)
• Information Technology (IT)
• Consulting, Retail, Hospitality, Telecom (Services)

Our Service offerings in the Permanent Hiring space

Executive Search :
Catering to senior level / niche positions across industry verticals encompassing a wholistic process right through to closure. We cover an End-to-End Search, drawing up a Skill Matrix, charting the Grade Equivalence as per the requirement and enabling Competency Mapping for suitable selection.

Contingent Recruitments :
We aim to fulfil on-going requirements through profiles sourced via our multi-pronged approaches – be it our in-house databases, support from channel partners, field sourcing, market mapping and referrals or even scheduled walk-in drives. Our specialised recruiters are adapt at addressing vertical specific demands, enabled by strong technology support systems to ensure successful mandate delivery and client satisfaction.

Advertised Selection :
This enables us to reach the widest possible candidate base from a variety of backgrounds, geographies and skill sets. Through the use of creative designs and informative advertisements we are able to attract talent, and provide clients with an End-to-End Service with comprehensive feedback, analysis and modified MIS reports.

Turnkey Solutions :
This addresses the large-scale recruitment demand through a time and budget bound approach. The ability to smoothly provide a plethora of services within the purview of a project allows us to offer comprehensive resume validation, administration of pre & post recruitment tests, smooth interview coordination along with customized analysis / reports.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPOs) :
As an RPO expert, we own and manage the entire recruitment process with 100% hiring fulfilment. By re-engineering the internal hiring practice, we have been able to refine recruitment strategies and sourcing channels to ensure 100% fulfilment of all direct hiring needs. Deployment of a third party contract recruiter and absorbing fringe costs, Divine Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd., HR Consultancy & Placement Division can offer its clients a controlled, guided and cost-effective solution for their long-term needs. With centralized on-site support and management, we ensure all client requirements are accommodated to provide a comprehensive recruitment partnership.