Assessment Services

While talent exists in large numbers the toughest task for recruitment professionals lies in understanding the availability of dynamic talent pool and choosing the candidates that best fit with the job-role and organization. It is imperative for companies to get it right the first time to have a healthy and productive workforce. We offer assessments that not only are designed to enable to you to select the right resources for your requirements but also help in post hire activities like training need analysis and training effectiveness assessment.

Designed to assess skills, knowledge and aptitude, our range of services includes:

• Competency Framework Development & Ideal Candidate Profiles
• Pre Hire Assessments
• Employee Competency Benchmarking
• Custom Assessment Solutions
• Face-to-Face / Telephonic screening


Our suite of Assessments includes:

• Employability Assessment
• Behavioural/ Psychometric Personality Pattern Assessment
• Technical Aptitude Test
• Trade Knowledge Tests
• IT Skills Assessment suite comprising of 25 IT Skill
• Functional / Domain specific skills Assessments: Banking, Insurance, Sales, Marketing, Hospitality services, Retail Service, Customer Service.
• Customized Assessments

Designed by highly qualified and experienced professional, our Assessment Services, end result would be reduced hiring cost and time at your end, decline in attrition level, reduction in productivity loss, savings on Training costs and employee replacement cost.